Sustainable Agriculture

We Must Regenerate the Earth!

Agriculture may be the most destructive thing we have ever done to the planet.  At the expense of our food, we dump millions of gallons of synthetic chemicals onto our fields, which eventually ends up in the Ocean.

Furthermore, we are losing our topsoils at a rate far greater than they are being produced.  The common practices of burning, tilling, and mono-cropping expose topsoil to be washed away, and this creates nutrient deficiencies in our food. 

Local economies are suffering as global corporations commoditize our food and create export industries from developing nations.  Local food systems have collapsed due to trade embargoes and competition from subsidized imports.

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Holly Beck sowing seeds in Nicaragua. pic SWoBs

SWoBs promotes local and organic agriculture in the communities they live in and visit by planting gardens and sharing seeds and ideas.  We believe that we can grow our own food without the use of chemicals, and that we can work with Nature to create more abundant Agriculture.

We need a Regenerative Agriculture that creates soil and increases diversity.  Permaculture and Ecological Design offer solutions to pollution by minimizing waste in the first place. 

We offer Consultation to individuals, communities, and projects related to the Field of Sustainable Agriculture. 

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Don’t panic, those bananas are organic. pic SWoBs