What is your break worth?

The School for Field Studies in Baja California Sur has developed an online survey to determine the value of surfing and surfing related activities to convince law-makers to preserve coastal areas.

They are also trying to identify surfer preferences for the creation of a Mexican National or Regional “Surf Preserve” established in B.C.S.  They hope to work with CONANP (the Mexican national Park Service) to create the reserve based on environmental preservation and surfing as an amenity.

If you have surfed in BCS in the last year, we could use your input!

TAKE THE SURVEY!  Click link below for language version

English Version

Spanish Version

For more information contact Dr. A.J. Schneller at aschneller@fieldstudies.org

Surfing is a major tourist industry in many areas, and projects like marinas, hotels, and golf courses can impact or plain ruin your favorite break, at home or abroad.  Furthermore, local livelihoods are often compromised as the result of habitat destruction and real estate speculation. 

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN! If legislators realize how much surfing and the breaks that draw the surfers are worth, they will re-consider building that jetty or allowing that developer to pump sewage into the ocean.

The Save The Waves Coalition has successfully completed several Surfonomic Studies, including Mavericks in California and Mundaka, Spain.  Both studies pointed to the enormous environmental, social, and economic value of surf breaks based on the quantity of tourist visits per year.  This information is crucial for decision makers to realize that surfing is not a fringe activity, and that the preservation of waves and coastal habitats actually has value, perhaps more than a marina...

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