Slow Sand Filter:

Using a 50 gallon plastic drum filled with rocks, gravel, charcoal, and sand to purify water for domestic use. more

Past Projects

Permaculture Design Workshop, May 2008

Compost pile hot water heater.  The pile consisted of brush, straw, and manure.  A hose inside the pile heats water as it passes through.  After 24 hours, the temperature reached 120 degrees F.  Workshop facilitated by Loren Luyendyk on the Orella Ranch in Gaviota, California.

photo by Aubrey Falk

Electrolytic Hydrogen Fuel Generator demo at the Permaculture Design Workshop.  An electrical current generated by the car’s alternator is passed through a bath of distilled water and baking soda.  The electricity breaks the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas (HHO or hydroxy), which is then routed through the air intake on the carburetor, improving fuel economy.  The goal is to use sea or waste water as fuel.

photo by Loren Luyendyk

Natural Building on the Orella Ranch

Cob and Ferro-cement building with an earthen oven.  Over the last two years, many volunteers have come together to create this amazing structure made mainly from clay, sand, and straw.

photo by Loren Luyendyk

Nias Island, Indonesia Art Project Fall 2007

Art supplies were stuffed into board bags to be distributed to local children.  The kids were enthralled by the bright colors of the paints and captivated by their own ability to use them.

Trash cleanup on Nias

A group of local children played a game of “pick-up” on the beach.  Each child received a prize of surf and art stuff for their participation.

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photo by Aubrey Falk

photo by Aubrey Falk

Youth Education:

Children are like sponges; they soak up whatever is around.  For this reason they are the ones we need to teach why and how to protect the Environment.  more

Ripples... the beginning of waves

Composting Toilets: Using a 50 gallon plastic drum to collect and biodegrade human waste.  more

Water Bottle Refill Program:

SWoBs have been encouraging local businesses to offer refills for reusable water bottles to reduce the use of plastic.  more

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Plastic to Oil:

In February 2011, E-N-ergy visited Surfers Without Borders at the Orella Stewardship Institute to demonstrate the innovation that turns common household plastics into usable oil.


Sustainable Agriculture:

SWoBs promotes local and organic agriculture in the communities they live in and visit by planting gardens and sharing seeds and ideas.


Marine Plastics Debris Study:   

SWoBs began a Marine Plastics Debris Study to determine what types of plastic beach trash is composed of.  Water bottles?  Food wrappers?  If we know the sources of plastic trash, we have a better chance of stopping it before it gets to the ocean.