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Ecological food production

The Ocean is the drain for the planet- it is downhill from everywhere.  Our actions on Land directly affect the health of the Ocean.  With Permaculture and Sustainable Design we can stop pollution from being produced in the first place.

Permaculture is the Art and Science of Ecological Design, which applies Natural Patterns and Ethical Intentions to create long-lasting, beautiful, and regenerative systems that provide our essential needs; starting with water, food and shelter

Through the Ethical Intentions of Caring for the Earth, Caring for People, and sharing surplus resources necessary for survival, we can develop resilient communities well equipped to deal with climactic and economic fluctuations.

Originally a derivation of Permanent agriculture, Permaculture has evolved to deal with all aspects related to human settlements and land stewardship.  The idea is to design systems so that they are the most productive with the least amount of inputs.  Through thoughtful observation, a design is arrived at that most fits the needs of all involved.  Mother Nature is the Model: Design for Regeneration.

Permaculture offers a unique perspective on current challenges faced by humanity like global warming and food and water shortages.   The problem is the solution: we can effectively deal with many of the calamities caused by poor planning and consumptive development by turning negative situations into positive opportunities. 

A design begins by taking an assessment of the Needs and Resources of a community.  Needs are defined as that which humanity necessitates for survival.  Working from most important need on down; we start with water, food and shelter.  We can create an action plan for providing these needs through those resources already available, or by creating new sources.  By mimicking Nature, we design systems that are flexible and diverse.

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TM Bill Mollison

Permacultura Mexico Style: cattle, corn, and cocos

photo by Loren Luyendyk


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