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March-April 2010

The Surfers Path feature article

Surfing Without Borders

by SWoBs


Border crossings through Central America are anything but rapido, especially if you are two blonde-haired, green-eyed gringos driving a large truck with California plates and a hand painted camper.  We stuck out like a sore thumb, and the scammers flocked like flies to try and weasel some money from us.  The officials are no better, they know that they have the power to control your movement, and they exercise that power freely.

As soon as you manage to bribe your way into El Salvador, the Pan American Highway makes an abrupt turn to the right as you head south.  After almost a thousand kilometers inland, you finally get a shot of the ocean, and it feels like you just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The road winds through high cliffs and steep valleys that hide crystal-blue bays.  Coconut palms line the shore, and mangos line the road.

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March-April 2010

DEEP Magazine Article

The Last Frontier

by Loren Luyendyk

Alaska is often considered the last frontier.  In fact, this is one of the State’s mottos.  When we think of Alaska, images of bald eagles and bears roaming pristine wilderness come to mind- jagged, snow covered peaks towering above boreal forests shrouded in mist, and crystal clear rivers filled with spawning salmon migrating from the icy blue ocean...

The Plastic Plague

Recently, a far greater environmental challenge has surfaced in Alaska and the world like a dead whale- that of marine debris.  The plastic plague has reached our northern most state’s shores as well.  Turns out, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not confined to the North Pacific gyre as many would like to believe, it has filled almost the entire Pacific.

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July 2009

TreeHugger.org Daily Feature on SWoBs

Surfers Without Borders

Catching and Cleaning Waves Throughout Central America

Dream of someday throwing your boards in the back of your truck and heading south for a week of perfect waves, cheap local food and sleeping under the stars? Well you can, and help build sustainability projects in the communities that you meet, when you travel with Surfers Without Borders.  click here to read full article

July 2009

SurferMag.com Daily Feature on SWoBs


After spending six months traveling through Mexico and Central America, it appears the only thing most Latin Americans need to know about sustainability is not to follow the white man’s lead.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Santa Barbara Independent Feature Article on SWoBs

Spreading the Green Gospel

Surfers Without Borders Take Sustainability to Barra de la Cruz and Beyond

By Ethan Stewart

Generally speaking, the legacy of the traveling surfer is a pretty crappy one. Armed with surfboards, cameras, and cash, passport-toting wave hunters have been leaving behind their home breaks for decades now and jetting, sailing, or driving to far-flung exotic locales in the name of surf discovery. In and of itself, this act of stoke-searching exploration is beautiful; unfortunately, what the single-minded surf junkie typically leaves along foreign shores is anything but. From plastic bottles and steaming piles of poop to greedy land grabs and unintentional culture bashing, the ugly blowback of selfish surf travel can be seen firsthand from Mexico to Micronesia. Luckily, like modern-day Johnny Appleseeds of environmentalism leaving composting toilets, worm castings, and water bottle recycling programs in their wake, two born-and-raised Santa Barbara surfers are on a mission to change that legacy.  click here to read full article

January 3, 2009

SURFLINE Women’s Feature on Surfers Without Borders


Central Coast surfer Aubrey Falk and crew form 'Surfers Without Borders' to share ideas about sustainable ways of living

As surfers, it can be a challenge to see beyond the single-minded pursuit of getting waves. The current global economic and environmental crisis may very well be a result of this "what-can-I-get?" mentality. But we're finding out that we can only take so much from the earth, its creatures, and each other before the imbalance becomes too great.  click here to read the full article

photos by Louie Sherwin

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