Marine Plastic Debris Study

Results of the Study:

We were delighted to determine that most of the beaches we surveyed were in relatively good condition.  Seasonal fluctuations may occur, after big storms and big weekends, however we found little trash at the various beaches we sampled.

Of concern were cigarette butts, bottle tops, lighters, and pet waste in plastic bags.  The number of pet waste bags may be related to a recent SB County ordinance for pet owners to clean up after their animals.  Unfortunately it looks as if it may be backfiring, as we are not only left with the pet waste, but an un-biodegradable bag to boot!

More studies are needed to determine whether storm surges bring in more debris, and also to see if the Channel Islands and the Marine Protected Areas are affected by debris from the northern currents.

This project was funded by a grant from The Coastal CODE, a project of Alaskan Brewing Company

Sampling sites are shown on the map below.

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top: pet waste is worse in a plastic bag

right: two of the most common items


Project Results

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